Friday, May 18, 2007

Grateful Friday

- Jack's sweetness, he's a kind hearted little guy (except to his sister who he will tackle in a second)
- Rocky's wet milky mouth after he nurses
- Hot chocolate in the morning
- Fun in the park last night listening to music with some new friends
- Rocky being cheerful even though I think he's caught a cold
- New dress up clothes for the kids and a baby bjorn from freecycle
- A weekend of kite flying and gardening
- A new netflix movie coming tonight
- Reading a good new book "Water for Elephants"
- Eating brownies yesterday with dried cherries in them and then eating more brownies with orange zest in them and then having a little stomache ache, and dreaming crazy dreams all night from all the sugar ,mmm fun times!!


Rebecca F. said...

I loved "Water for Elephants"...

Jack's eyes look so kind. Soft and kind.

Renee said...

Your 'Grateful' lists always make me feel happy. Thanks again for sharing.

acumamakiki said...

Water for Elephants is on the list for bookclub - glad to hear others have like it. Those brownies with dried cherries and orange zest....oh my.

telfair said...

You always take such lovely photographs. I suppose it's easier when you have such a goodlooking family. :)

We love Freecycle. Congrats on the new Baby Bjorn & baby clothes...

wish studio said...

belated bday wishes to hubby...what a gift he got (amazing shots!) and here's to crazy sugar induced dreams - love that! makes me want a brownie :)