Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Free Fall

This was John's birthday surprise. He figured it out literally 2 minutes before we drove up to the sky diving center, and was jumping out of the air plane about an hour later. To say he is a good sport is an understatement.
His good friend Ron and his brother David also jumped. John loved it. This is called a tandum jump, you are hooked to an experienced jumper. John loved it, said he was thrilled and scared at the same time.
If you are ever in the area check out the parachute center in Lodi, you might just find yourself signing up to jump out of an airplane.


tinkerwiththis said...

oh my word. good for him. you couldn't get me to jump out of a plane if it meant saving the entire human race!

minnie (haha) said...

Hi Heather - thank you for your visit! I am not sure how to contact you without signing here so here goes - firstly - GREAT present! I did a tandem jump a few years ago and it was AMAZING. Also to answer your question, I am in Sydney, Australia - well guessed! Minnie http://minniehaha.blogspot.com xx

Summ said...

WOW!! Is all I can say. I would never do that. I would be too scared. He is really brave to do something like that.

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Irene said...

that is AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

we were almost there to see the landing. missed by 30min. darn. Great b-day present.


erica said...

oh my gosh.. this is just terrifying!