Monday, April 02, 2007

We had a great weekend, here are some highlights.
- Metting the beautiful, tiny, Ruby. She's 5 days old in this picture.
- Seeing the new parents, our close friends, Jeff and Gretchen. We miss them.
- Coming back home and planting our garden
- Rocky loved swinging in his swing outside. He'll sit there for a long time just looking around.
- There is a place near our home called "Lime Ridge Open Space", it's an area of rolling hills and trails and pastures with cows that is open to just hike around in. We walked by some cows and climbed a hill and walked through a big tunnel. It was so much fun.
- Jack walking around the house as a robot saying "major major major" in a robot voice, not sure where he got that from but it's pretty funny. It was pretty funny watching him try to eat his dinner as a robot too.


tinkerwiththis said...

he's one creative kid!

la vie en rose said...

kids are the greatest!

Irene said...

Rocky is getting cuter every day. I love the look on his face. and Jack as a robot is just fantastic. you have great kids, you know that?

asianarnold1 said...

we're so glad you all came to visit. it's our turn next time.

acumamakiki said...

I always love your photos and posts Heather - I always smile. I'm sorry that I didn't think to reach out to meet when we were in the Bay Area (we're now in LA). I never want to be a pest - next time I won't be so shy.

Renee said...

Such pretty yellow! I love it. And gorgeous babies too. I could eat Rocky up.

miss j said...

how do you take such amazing photos with a point-and-shoot?

my email is

Sonia de Amorim Mascaro said...

Wow! They look just adorable!