Friday, April 20, 2007

Grateful Friday

- I'm grateful for all those who have been a support to those grieving in Virginia.
- That I have a loving kind gentle husband, who everyday makes me smile.
- For going to the dentist and having them tell me my teeth are great, no cavities, and in excellent condition for not going to the dentist in 3 years.
- Jack had a dentist appointment today and he was so good. His teeth were great, he was cooperative, and brave, and polite.
- Lots of windy kite days, looks like today may be another.
- John taking Thursday and Friday off so we could make all of our appointments.
- Skinny Cow mint ice cream cones.
- The lady down the street bringing over about 10 boxes of her son's old clothes. We couldn't use very many of them, but I'm happy she thought of us.
- Watching part of a very old Star Trek movie last night while up with Rocky.
- John taking the first shift of hanging out with Rocky last night when our little guy decided he just wanted to stay up all night.
- Laughing at the new show "Thank God Your Here".
- Seeing the beginning (or end) of a Rainbow the other day. It was about 1/2 a mile away on the side of a small mountain by the grocery store I was shopping at. It was very cool and something I've never seen before.


Renee said...

Hey, that dentist thing is great. I haven't been in about that long and I'm really scared to go b/c of what they may tell me.

asianarnold1 said...

sounds like a nice week for you.
luv ya
the Lanceros

acumamakiki said...

Hurray on your teeth!! I've got the worst teeth known to man so that would be a perfect day for me.

Love this photo of Stella.

wish studio said...

oooh, time for me to take my little one to his first dentist appt. hope it goes as well as yours! love all your greatfulness (gotta try those skinny cows!) xo, mindy