Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I'm loving the "Friends of the Library" book table at my library. I got most of these books there. A couple came from a garage sale three houses down. Every time I go into the library I head straight to the table to see what's new. They are usually .25 cents. I'm a book junkie. Sometimes I speed through books, jumping from one to the other in a weeks time. And then there are times like now, where I go slow and take my time with a book. I'm reading "Middlesex", it's so good, I'm loving the history, and the wonderful characters. It's a wonder I even find time to read, but I really do seem to find the time. I read when I'm nursing Rocky, when we are sitting outside and the kids are playing and when they are napping. I steal little moments all day long. Anyway, reading is a love of mine, I guess at this time in my life it really is my only hobby. My days are spent taking care of the kids, taking care of the house, and spending time reading.


Wendy said...

Those ARE some great books! At least, I loved the movies. lol

That is amazing that you find time to read. I have a stacks of books that seem to have been waiting for me for a long time!

Riss said...

I'm hungry to read more books. Can I borrow some when you are done? I need to get my own collection so we can start swapping. I still have Holy Cow and Kite Runner--I'll bring them Saturday :)

Heather said...

yes!! do you see any here you want? Have you read eat pray love yet? i'll just bring some.

wish studio said...

wow...what a steal! i read middlesex recently too - sooo good :)

gkgirl said...

wow...what a great deal!


and i'm so glad to hear
that you are able to get
some reading into your day,
that is so important,
especially when it is something
you love...
and think of the good impression
it makes on your children, too!

and have you read the kite runner?
i noticed someone else
offered to lend it to you.
i just finished it
and it was


acumamakiki said...

I love books too and have this need to have them on my shelf. I have most of those books as well. Another great place for books is a website called - you trade books, dvds, vhs and cd's and you get points for the ones you give up, points you can use for 'buying' your own.

2begin2 said...

One must always peruse the library sale table! I always bring my change purse when I drop library books off! I, too, steal away moments to read! I've noticed my kids stash books here & there, too!

Marilyn said...

There are several in that stack that I loved.