Friday, March 23, 2007

Grateful Friday

1. Spending a beautiful day driving up to the summit of Mt. Diablo.
2. Meeting nice people in the play groups I'm going to.
3. Caribou granola bars, mint flavor.
4. Making granola today with my kids.
5. All 3 kids falling asleep during rest time yesterday.
6. Celebrating the first day of Spring with a family art project.
7. Warm sunny days.
8. Feeling a tiny bit more connected with God since I decided yesterday to just pray out loud throught my day, like he's right there with me, Jack thought it was very very funny yesterday and kept asking who I was talking to.
9. We are finally going to plant our garden tomorrow. ( does anyone have any natural tips on getting rid of ants in the garden? Does the eucalyptys oil work?)
10. Watching an elephant drinking out of a watering hole in Africa at 3 am while I was nursing Rocky. Africam, If you go there now it's night time and a bit boring, though the crickets sound nice, at night and in the morning though you can see all sorts of cool animals. Yesterday Jack was thrilled to watch 5 or so monkeys come on down and get a drink.


la vie en rose said...

i'll have to try to africam thing about with britt...

have a good weekend!

Renee said...

Cool picture. And that's great with the praying out loud. I think my kids would get a kick out of that too.

Irene said...

I'm so glad you feel more connected with God. Sean and Will always bring me closer to God, in so many small and big ways.

Wendy said...

Africam is SO cool! :)

Sounds like things are going so well for you! It's great to hear that. Spring Break is in a week and maybe we come come over to your side for a visit.

Darren said...

I love caribou bars I have one everyday

gkgirl said...

awesome photo!
i'm going to check into that site looks cool

acumamakiki said...

A great list and photo of your family.