Friday, February 23, 2007

Grateful Friday

Rocky 3 months old
Today is Rocky's 3 month birthday. So today he is my #1 thing to be grateful for
1. Rocky's sweet smile, that he pretty much sleeps through the night already, that he is a little chunky, so unlike how Jack and Stella were, he's got some good pinching and nibbling thighs.
2. I started going to another play group, this one is with some women from church. They are all really nice, and one even brought their kids over for some play time. It was nice having a woman to chat with while the kids went and played. I can't believe Im part of 2 play groups here. It is so unlike me to voluntarily go and hang out with a bunch of strangers.
3. Soy beans from Trader Joe's.
4. Oprah magazine, sometimes I think I'm getting sick of it, but then other times I just love reading it. This month I really love it.
5. Finding a chiropractor that I really like. He said I could bring my kids to my appointments, they have all these toys and books for the kids in his office, and the receptionist was all over the kids when I came in, showing them around the office and stuff. Very homey warm place.
6. We are driving up Mt. Diablo tomorrow if it's not raining. I hear it's beautiful at the top.
7. I just found out my other play group is having a nature walk for the kids. My kids love stuff like that so it should be fun.
8. Getting a hand written letter in the mail from our friends the Walkers. Reading it was so nice and reminded me of letters we used to write to our grandmother. My mom usually would prompt up to write one, we would tell her how we were doing (even though we saw her often and lived close to her) and then she would write us back telling us about her cats and turtles and what her and grandpa were up to that week.
9. The amazing race....Go Kentucky!!
10. crunchy cold cereal that doesn't get soggy after being in the milk for a minute.


Irene said...

my goodness Rocky is just soooo cute! I can't believe he's 3 months old already!

Wendy said...

Mt. Diablo is gorgeous at the top! Have a wonderful time. Happy 3 months little Rocky! He's just a little mini-John :)

vickie pellouchoud said...

so happy to hear you're doing well and finding new places to have fun with the kids!!! Hurray....have a great weekend!

Alecia said...

Rocky is adorable. My girls are already starting to lose their baby chubbiness and it makes me sad. Less plumpness to nibble.

It sounds like you're getting settled in a little more. I'm happy for you.

la vie en rose said...

good things...

rocky is adorable!

Riss said...

Happy 3 months Rocky! Wow, TWO playgroups--I'm inpressed. It's nice to have those gatherings to break up the week. Bundle up for Mt. Diablo--I hope it is gorgeous for you guys!

Chris said...

Rocky is soooo adorable!!! So . . . smoochable!

acumamakiki said...

i always love your grateful friday lists! right on to the playgroups and extending yourself beyond what you're used to. and hurray to 3 month old delicious baby rocky. nibbly baby thighs, the best!!

Alecia said...


The "It's a Girl" book on my site is great. I've really enjoyed the essays, since they make me think more about not only my relationship with my girls, but also with my mom. There's one called "It's a Boy" that's similar, but I haven't read that one (for obvious reasons). :)

Definitely take a look if you get a chance.

Renee said...

Sounds like such nice things to be grateful for, especially that cute boy!

The Whole Self said...

Hey Heather-

You have to excuse my delay in getting back to you...but things have been c.r.a.z.y. here, as I'm sure you can imagine. My computer time is so severely limited, that I have to bribe my kiddos with dangerous activities just to steal a couple of minutes online!! :)

Anyway, I've been meaning to get back to you forever about the doula thing, and I've written you about 100 emails in my head throughout the days, but today's the day I'm actually writing it down! First off, I think you'd be a great doula, and I'm so happy that a kind and generous soul like you is thinking about pursuing it. I'm training through DONA ( and I find it to be a really good organization. I loved my conference that I went through and the training materials are clear and thorough. I can't speak for the other organization ALACE (is that it?) because I never looked into it. My only advice is that you purchase your packet and start paying your dues once you're really sure that you're ready to pursue your education, because once you start, the clock starts ticking on your packet. It's good for two years (which sounds like a lot of time, but with three kiddos I imagine it will fly by). You can purchase another one, but once you go to your conference, you have to complete your training in four years. I purchased mine a while ago and it just expired...I still have time but finding the births is the tricky part for me. With little ones it can be a scheduling nightmare but if you have help and support it's totally do-able and very rewarding.

Please feel free to bounce anything off of me or ask any questions. I'm here!

Sorry again for the delay!

Your babes are all so beautiful...I hope you're settling into your new community!


(I just tried to email this to you at the cloverfairy address but it got sent back to me...sorry to post it here!)