Thursday, February 15, 2007

Grateful Friday

1. Watching my mom with the kids. They love her so much, I love watching my mother in the "Grandmother" role now, she's a natural.
2. My mom coming and helping me while John is gone. It would have been soooooo much harder without her here.
3. Watching the flowers bloom for the first time in our yard. Since we just moved here, seeing what is going to bloom around our house is a surprise.
4. The kids taking hour long baths. They just play and play and have so much fun. I try to time them around when Oprah and Ellen come on so I can flip back and forth between the two shows.
5. Play groups. Jack especially is having so much fun playing with the boys.

6. John is coming home tonight. We pick him up at the airport at 8:40 I can't wait to see him.


la vie en rose said...

see...the one day at a time thing totally worked! i can't believe it's alrady been a week!!!...

the flower pic makes me hungry for spring...*sigh*...

Riss said...

Phew--you made it! I'm so glad your mom could be there to support you.

acumamakiki said...

That hibiscus flower is so pretty. How fun to see what your backyard holds, I miss Cali for that.

I'm so glad you had fun with your mom visiting and also, that she was able to be there for you while John was gone.

And most of all, I love that you've found playgroups for your kids and that Jack is loving it so much.

Your photos here are gorgeous, you take such good snaps Heather!!

Have a great weekend.